Cancellation Policy

  1. How does a cancellation work?
  • The cancellation policies are designed to protect both providers and tenants.
  • In accordance with the cancellation policy, cancellations are considered to be withdrawals before the planned check-in.
  1. How do I cancel a booking?
  • To ensure a smooth and secure process, all cancellations must be processed through Rental Zimbabwe.
  • If you wish to cancel a booking, please contact our customer support team.
  • Cancellations made by the guest must be communicated in text form. Cancellations must include the booking code and must be sent from the guest’s email address registered with Rental Zimbabwe and noted in his user profile.
  • Hosts must cancel their bookings through Rental Zimbabwe's cancellation page, which is available on the "My Listings" page in "My Account". By cancelling though this page, an automated cancellation in text form will be generated and sent to Rental Zimbabwe's Customer Support.
  • Please note that a cancellation is not official until after you have received a confirmation e-mail from Rental Zimbabwe.
  • Our customer support team will immediately handle your cancellation request and inform your provider or tenant. You do not have to take any further action.
  1. If the tenant cancels, how are the reimbursement to the tenant and payment to the provider calculated?

3.1. General regulations

  • The amount refunded to the tenant is dependent on when a booking is cancelled and the cancellation policy chosen by the provider, or imposed by Rental Zimbabwe.
  • To ensure a smooth and secure process, all cancellations must be processed through Rental Zimbabwe.
  • The refundable amount depends on the cancellation policy. The respective amount of the cancellation fee is shown in the booking process. The regulations under section 8.4. regarding payment processes apply accordingly.
  • Regardless of the cancellation policy chosen by the provider, tenants themselves are responsible for proving that the provider incurs no loss or a significantly lesser loss than the cancellation fee.

3.2. Individual cancellation policies

Cancellation Policy: 

You will be refunded half of the total price minus the cancellation fee if you cancel the booking at least 7 days before check-in by 12 noon CAT (Central African Time) For cancellations that are made less than 7 days before check-in, you will be refunded 5% of the total price minus the cancellation fee.

  1. What happens if the host cancels?
  • Rental Zimbabwe takes booking cancellation very seriously as it gives a negative experience to guests.
  • In the case of a cancellation by the host, the guest will be reimbursed the full price of the booking. In such cases, no cancellation fees will be incurred by the guest.
  • Rental Zimbabwe will help the guest find alternative accommodation.
  • The host must pay a cancellation fee of 15%of the total price of the booking. The cancellation fee will rise to 50% of the total price if the host cancels the booking less than 8 days before check-in. If the booking had been accepted with "Instant Booking" and the booking is then cancelled within 24 hours after confirmation, the fee will be 5%.
  • The cancellation fee will be deducted from the host's next booking.
  • The host will not receive a payment from any bookings they have cancelled.
  • The listing connected to the cancelled booking will be penalized in the rankings; this could lead to less booking requests in the future.
  • A one-star review will automatically be added to the reviews section of the listing connected to the cancelled booking.
  1. Special cancellation policies

5.1. Bereavement

In the event of bereavement within the family (mother, father, husband/wife, sister, brother, child) between seven days and 24 hours before arrival, the guest will be reimbursed the full price. The host will have no claim to payment. No cancellation fees will be incurred. Less than 24 hours before arriving, the guest will receive 75% and the host 25% of the total price. No cancellation fees will be incurred. A death certificate is required as proof.

5.2. Natural disasters and other unforeseeable events

If natural disasters (avalanche, blizzard, cyclone, hurricane, earthquake, flood, landslide, lightning), war, terrorist attacks or nuclear accidents make it impossible for the host to meet his booking obligations (and he can prove that no alternative, similar accommodation is available) the guest will be reimbursed 100% of the total price. No cancellation fees will be incurred. This also applies if means of transportation are damaged and the guest is unable to reach the accommodation in some other way and can provide evidence of this.

  1. What happens if problems occur after check in?
  • If you have serious grounds for complaint when checking in, please contact our Customer Support teamwithin 24 hours. If the accommodation has not been left in the condition as described in the agreement, we will send corresponding complaints to the host. After reviewing the case, we will deduct the amount to be paid to the host accordingly and refund the rest to you.
  • Please note that a refund is possible only if we receive your complaint within 24 hours after checking in.
  • Rental Zimbabwe reserves the right to demand payment at least in the amount of the processing fee from the host.